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2018-01-21 14:07

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of courier/ freight in the export business?

What payment terms can be used in the export business?

How the party will give us advance payment in the begining?

How we contact courier/ freight forwarder ( sea / air)?

If we work on credit with a company then how we get assured our money?

where to get the goods insured If the goods got damaged during export?

What document are required for export the goods, & where they get prepared?

Is there any subsidy from govt for the export of goods?

What goods we have to export in the begining?

How a person can enter the export business without money?

Why some persons have to face major loss in the export business?

Is there possibility to visit other countries during export?

I am in the export business for the last two years , but not able to get any order. Why?

I donot know english, how i enter the export business?

I knows internet , but not have knowledge of any product. How can I enter the export?

How we sell products in retail from home?

Why we are selling goods so cheap at ebay & such other retail stores?

I am a daily worker in Abroad & my family is free not working. How they can do export?

How NRI’s Can do the business of Export ?

If you have any query then please contact us.