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2016-04-30 01:24

A Beginner's Guide for Exporting of goods

Small business always needs big investment . From small business i meant business worth crores. If you want to establish business worth Rs 1 crore or 2 crore then you will have to invest money in the business. But if you want to do big business worth milions such as Reliance Industries, Tata group, Birla group etc then you only need to invest Rs 20 - 30 lakh. To understand the basics of this corporate business, i spent ten years .Now i am trying to follow the theory of these corporate businesses. Soon i will get successful following their theory. All i want that you also try to understand this basic theory of corporate business.

My purpose is to globalize the business of import & export . This site is helpful for those persons who are interested in this line of import / export & knows Internet very well. As per my thinking such persons are rare ,you can say one in thousands. Also expert in some product. & owner of an industry. More literate people dose not get successful in this business, as such persons are afraid from getting risks.

For being successful & settle in the online Retail & wholesale export business I struggled for 5 years. During these 5 years I have to face many problems. Reason is there is no govt or private organization that helps persons newly entered in the export business. So I did many mistakes in the beginning when I started the export business. Therefore, I am sharing all my experience, ups & downs I faced during these five years so that other people do not done mistakes that I do.Today my company annual turn over is approx USD 10 lakh+

  • Those persons who are not related to any industry can learn the business of export from this site & start trading

  • Students can also learn a lot about export business & do the job in big export companies . Big export companies always in need of such persons who have knowledge of export &export related documentation

  • People settled in other countries can also learn online retail business from this site & earn good money

  • For a new exporter freight is a big issue. As most of the freight forwarders give freight 1-2 times & then start avoid him. But I will handle freight inquiries of all myclients for regular six months

  •  I have visited many countries as a businessman. I am sharing all my experiences i face in these countries through this site.

  •  How & where to find buyers, this is a big issue for a new exporter. This site helps the new exporters in this regard.

  •  How to calculate freight if you want to send products via air or via sea .This is also clearly mentioned in this site.

  •  Which documents are required to ship the goods & how to prepare the documents this site has also this information.

  • This site has also tell you how to secure your money in other countries .

  • This site has also information how to insure the goods that get damaged during shipping.

  • How I get successful in the export business, complete story you can learn in my history. Also details of my business portal & my online retail counters.

There is a FAQ in this site that is very helpful for all of you. There is a lot of information.

  • Note : We advise you to please study this according to the below format

    About My Self ⇒ FAQ ⇒ Easy Learn Export ⇒ Air

    Freight Services ⇒ Ocean Freight Services ⇒ Export basics