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2018-01-21 14:09

In 2001, I got training of small scale industry from SSI Ludhiana (Punjab) of about 7 days. At that time neither I knows English nor internet . I even do not know about email & website. I the institute the speech is in English that I was unable to understand. In that institute what I cam to know is what is IEC code & where & how it prepared.

The main thing in the export business is buyers but in the training I had no knowledge how to reach buyers.

I started going Patiala regularly to learn about internet. . There also I was unable to understand in the lack of English.

Then I read in newspaper advertisements about Thailand’ visit Thailand & learn export business’ . I became very excited reading this & go to Thailand with the help of an Agent. There in Thailand I buy clothes & start selling in Delhi. I have to face a major loss in this business & I was completely ruined. At that time I feel that no one is their to help those persons who are in this situation. I myself created many enemies, and went to depression. Then I wrote a book on this named ‘videshain naal business karo’ in Punjabi.


In 2004 I came to Chandigarh & my life turns towards good . I get in touch with many big industrialists in Chandigah & learn a lot from them. I also get internet knowledge in Chandigarh. I start visiting factories in Chandigarh & start getting knowledge about their products. Slowly I came to about B2B sites and I started approaching buyers through these sites. Mostly buyers demand samples & I send the samples free of cost to the buyers . Most of the buyers did not approach me after receiving samples despite of too many reminders. From this I learn that do not send free samples to any one. If the party is genuine then it must pay for the samples also. Thus slowly I get professional . Now I start getting orders & also advance payments from the parties.

There I learn about websites & how they works. . I prepared websites of the products that I sell. In the beginning I start selling many products but most of the products I left after some time as I was not get successful in those. Now I deal in many products such as Honey, Orthotics, Dried Morel, Conveyor belts, Horn/ bone products, Pet accessories, Honey processing Plant, etc and also software development.

I start visiting abroad to attend exhibitions . Their I personally met many parties & get orders. Today I regularly visit many countries & sell my products.

I am sharing my experiences of being successful in the export business with you. I have to face major loss reaching at this position that I am sharing with .